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New System Selection

There are a vast number of software houses and VARs (value added resellers) claiming to have the best system in the world that will transform your business over night and re-coup the cost of your investment in a short space of time.

Pragmatics BT has a huge experience of this market place from our previous 25 years’ experience selling and implementing accountancy, CRM and ERP solutions.

We have deep hands on experience with the following systems:

Accounting and ERP:


Other Microsoft Products



New System Selection Process ....

Pragmatic’s BT New System Selection Process:

We have developed a selection process methodology which consists of 4 main Phases:

Phase One – Understanding Your Business
Firstly we need to get under the covers of your business and really understand the current processes. During this phase, and if appropriate, we will use our experience to question the current way you do things and identify opportunities to improve or streamline the business.

Phase One provides a detailed Business System Requirements document which can be used to benchmark potential systems and suppliers.

Phase Two – Identify Potential Suppliers
Once we understand the needs of the business we can use our vast knowledge of the market to identify potential systems and suppliers. We will engage with them to ascertain their interest in tendering against the Business System Requirements document.

Phase 3 – Supplier Selection
Once we have identified a long list of potential suppliers we will devise a selection process to suit your Management Team. The selection process can be very formal and involve several rounds of evaluation or it may be less formal and direct. It usually depends upon the size, complexity and culture of your business.

Phase 4 – Contract Negotiation
Once you have selected a supplier we can assist in the contractual and financial negotiations with the preferred solution provider.

Four ways in which we can help with the on-going system implementation to ensure the project is a complete success go to Expertise and Resources.